Interact with the map below to find information about completed projects from MAG's Regional Transportation Plan. The projects included below are supported by Proposition 400, a half-cent sales tax approved by the voters of Maricopa County in 2004.

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The Regional Transportation Plan provides a broad vision for the regional transportation system; addressing freeways and other highways, streets, transit, airports, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, freight, demand management, system management including intelligent transportation systems and safety. Click here to view MAG’s current Regional Transportation Plan


MOMENTUM is our region’s next transportation plan. It will serve as a long-term blueprint for our transportation system. It will include both short- and long-range strategies to improve our transportation system across the Valley. Click here to get the latest on MOMENTUM

System Performance

Want to know more about the performance of our regional transportation system? Visit our performance dashboard to find maps and data related to performance. Click Here to Visit MAG’s Performance Dashboard

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